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Products/services used in the convenience Store scene

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    Receipt Printing and Ticketing

    ◆ POS Thermal Printer

    Fit for all business scenes that use ticketing, labels, receipt printing and other paper media

    With its compact size that can fit anywhere and its easy-to-use design, this product is used in the retail and logistics fields for issuing receipts receipt printing and coupons in retail stores, and as a reception terminal for printing queue number tickets and claim vouchers. It is also utilized in a wide range of fields such as connections to measurement instruments and medical institutions, among others.

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    Photo Printing

    ◆ Digital Photo Printer

    The world's smallest class of sublimation-type digital photo printer that equal silver halide photography

    This product has been introduced for use at mini laboratories and kiosks that print images taken by digital cameras and cell phones. With this product, high-speed and large-volume printing can be done in a small space. The pictures that are printed are comparable to silver halide photography, and have an overcoat finish that does not fade and completely guards against dirt, water and light.

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    Connectors of Security Camera

    ◆ GPS Time Server

    Providing accurate time information to the network devices

    A timeserver is equipment that synchronizes the times on the devices connected in a network with the exact time. Citizen's product provides accurate time information by receiving GPS radio waves. It is mainly used for the digital recorders of surveillance/security cameras that cannot be connected outside due to security issues or the installation environment.

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