CITIZEN Group Medium-Term Management Plan

Striving to be a solid global company
Embarking on the latter half of “CITIZEN Global Plan 2018”

Aspiring to be a successful global company, in 2013 the CITIZEN Group launched “CITIZEN Global Plan 2018,” the first six-year medium-term management plan drawn up by the CITIZEN Group. “CITIZEN Global Plan 2018” focuses on the watch business and areas that leverage the strengths cultivated through watch manufacturing. It promotes innovation in manufacturing and targets boosting earning power with an eye toward becoming an aggregate entity that possesses global competitiveness in the top class and a high profit structure.
In the former three years, we placed effort in carrying out thorough structural reform and improvement centered on business selection and concentration; however, changes in the external environment made it difficult to achieve some goals. In the latter three years, we will continue to push forward reinforcement of the manufacturing capacity to achieve further structural strengthening.

“CITIZEN Global Plan 2018” key Issues and Actions

Key Issues 2016–2018 Actions
Complete structural improvement/ reinforcing manufacturing capacity Boosting endeavors to increase earning power to reduce costs and improve asset efficiency through manufacture reform
Active investment and strengthened marketing power for business growth Active investment for growth based on capital produced in the first three years of the medium-term management plan
Selection and concentration of product and business Promoting selection and concentration of products and business developed by each group company, and clarifying businesses and products to focus on
Individual productivity improvement and greater human resource capacity Cultivating human resources capable of responding to various changes in the global environment and strengthening organizational capacity as a highly efficient group