Human Resources Development

Basic Approach

In the CITIZEN Group, individual operational companies are responsible for developing human resources capable of adapting to the business environment in accordance with their respective policies. We have a comprehensive environment for human resource development of the tiered trainings organized by CITIZENWatch and the trainings organized by separate Group companies.

Human Resource Development

Manufacturing Engineers

Pursuing its goal of “Building the World’s Foremost Watch Factory,” CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING has established an in-house watch school to enhance manufacturing skills and develop its human resources. At this school, veteran employees instruct younger employees, who have their skills and technical expertise as they work toward national certifications of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as well as the company’s own certification.
The CITIZEN Group takes part in the National Skills Competition, seeking to develop and pass along skills and manufacturing expertise. This competition is held annually to uphold Japan’s traditional prowess in manufacturing, skilled workers aged 23 or younger from around the country take part in this competition. The fiscal 2014 event included six competitors from CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING in the watch repair category and two in mechatronics. In the former category, employees earned gold, silver, bronze, and “Fighting Spirit” awards. The competition helps to motivate employees and reinforces the process of working dedicatedly toward goals, an important characteristic for a manufacturing professional.
Through efforts including the watch school and the National Skills Competition, we aim to continue passing on technology and other skills to young engineers and enhancing their knowledge.

in-house watch school

won gold award in the campetition

Career Support Training (CST)

CITIZEN ELECTRONICS implements CST to carry out a framework for an instruction/development system in the workplace so that employees understand the importance of on-the-job training (OJT).
CST first establishes opportunities for OJT instructors and members to interactively study approaches to matters and attitudes toward work with the aim of improving individual/organizational capabilities and increasing communication skills. Also, with an eye toward further energizing OJT activities and maintaining company-wide and long-term perspectives, discussions and improvements are conducted at OJT instructors meetings held every other month.
Furthermore, the opportunity is provided at the last concluding meeting of CST to look back one’s work and reconsider work going forward.
through CST, we pursue a culture of systematically fostering young employees with the united efforts of the workplace, OJT instructors, and the Personnel Division, in mind the stimulation of the company and development of competitive work force early on through retention of human resources. .
*OJT: Refers to employee training through hands-on experience at the workplace.

In-house QC Test

CITIZEN ELECTRONICS has implemented an in-house QC test for employees since December 2014. The aims for introducing the test are fourfold.
(1) To understand fundamental common knowledge of corporate activities including basic quality control, when working in the organization (2) To understand how to create and use seven QC tools that enable employees to resolve problems arising in the workplace through QC-type problem-solving methods
(3) To utilize the knowledge gained through study in daily tasks
(4) To continually carry out improvement, which consequently leads to higher motivation through a sense of achievement
The goal of taking this test is not simply to pass, but to effectively utilize the knowledge gained and improve one’s own skills. In addition, this test is incorporated into the diagram of the educational system, established as a shared in-house “target skill,” and referred to at the time of promotion/advancement. The company is united in this effort. As a result, there is a growing number of employees taking up the challenge of passing not only the in-house test, but official tests as well. CITIZEN ELECTRONICS interprets this trend as an indication that awareness-raising on quality control among employees is also advancing at the same time.
Based on knowledge of quality control, the company will move forward with the aim of “strengthening workplace skills and production technology.”